Sunshine Mint Silver Bullion Bars

Sunshine Minting is one of the largest private mints in the United States. Located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, one of the world’s most abundant silver mining regions, Sunshine mints gold and silver products including bars and rounds. In addition to precious metal bullion, Sunshine Minting also produces medallions, coin blanks, and coins for many different private corporations, government mints, and financial institutions. Sunshine is known for skilled craftsmanship and unique designs, whether for commemorative coins or investment-quality silver bars.

A 1 oz Silver Bar from the Sunshine Mint

A 1 oz Silver Bar from the Sunshine Mint

Sunshine Minting, or SMI, is one of the best-known private mints in the United States. The company guarantees the purity and weight of all of its silver bars. This serves as an additional layer of protection for precious metal investors.

Classic Design

SMI offers many different silver bars and rounds, in multiple sizes, so that investors can select the size that meets their needs. The obverse of most of their silver bars and rounds depicts an eagle, with the sun rising in the background. This easily-recognized design is a hallmark of Sunshine Minting bars. Many investors prefer the classic appearance of Sunshine silver bars over the relatively plain design of many other companies’ silver bars. Each silver bar’s reverse notes the purity and weight of the bar, allowing it to be easily traded worldwide. Because each bar is minted in proof-like brilliant uncirculated (BU) or proof quality, these bars are highly prized by collectors who value silver bars with exceptional eye appeal.

In addition to the silver and gold bullion bars minted by SMI with their classic eagle-and-sunshine design, Sunshine Minting also mints silver bar blanks, as well as custom-minted bars, used by government and private mints, financial institutions, corporations, and private groups around the world. As a result, SMI silver bars may be found with a wide range of custom designs.


Sunshine Minting regularly produces silver bars in one- and ten-ounce sizes. Each bar is .999 fine silver. The one-ounce size measures approximately 1.97” by 1.14”. The ten-ounce bar is approximately 3.54” by 2.05”. SMI has also minted silver bars as large as 100 troy ounces, as well as 5- and 50-ounce sizes. The company’s silver rounds have been made in 1, 5, and 10 troy ounce sizes. This wide range of size options ensures that investors have multiple price points available to them, whether they are a new investor buying their first silver bar or an experienced investor storing a large amount of wealth in the form of silver bars.

Security Features

SMI’s latest silver bar design features a unique high-security design. This feature, called the MintMark SI, is expected to be found in every new SMI product in the coming years. Printed on the reverse of each silver bar, it can only be seen through a Sunshine Minting decoder lens, available from the mint. From one side, the word “Valid” appears in the center of the design. From the other side, a sunburst is seen. This feature is invisible without the specially-designed lens, and is intended as a way to authenticate Sunshine silver bars.

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