Johnson Matthey Brand Silver Bullion Bars

Johnson Matthey is among the best-known private mints in the world. It is also one of the oldest, tracing its roots to 1817, when a London gold assaying company was founded by Percival Norton Johnson. After he was joined by George Matthey, the company, then known as Johnson Matthey, became the Bank of England’s Official Refiner & Assayer. Today, JM remains among the most reputable silver mints in the world, though the Johnson Matthey company’s scope has since expanded far beyond precious metal minting.

A 100 oz Silver Bar from Johnson Matthey

A 100 oz Silver Bar from Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey’s Precious Metals division refines and mints precious metals including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and iridium. While known for its investment grade silver and gold bars, JM is also the leading worldwide distributor of platinum.


Over its nearly two-century history, Johnson Matthey has built a name within the precious metal industry. JM is renowned for producing the highest-quality silver bars. The company’s unrivaled technical knowledge and craftsmanship results in beautiful silver bars, considered to be among the world’s best investments in physical silver.


The Johnson Matthey name is instantly recognized around the globe. Their hallmark is found on every bar minted by the company. As a result, Johnson Matthey silver bars are among the easiest ways to buy or sell physical silver anywhere in the world. This makes it one of the most liquid forms of silver investment. It is particularly popular among investors who plan to store their silver bars in depositories on different continents, as JM silver bars are recognized everywhere. Johnson Matthey silver bars are also accepted for silver IRA investment, making this a common option for retirement savings.


JM investment-grade silver bullion bars have a low per-ounce premium over the spot price of silver. Since Johnson Matthey is one of the world’s largest refiners of silver, their high-volume operations lead to some of the lowest fabrication costs in the precious metal industry. This has made JM silver bars one of the most cost-effective silver bars on the market.


All Johnson Matthey silver bars are always made with 99.9% pure silver. Each carries the Johnson Matthey hallmark, along with a serial number allowing the bar to be identified individually. The bars are also marked with their weight and silver purity. JM silver bars range in size from 1 to 100 troy ounces. While the company does make smaller bars, it is best known for larger-sized bars.

100 Oz Silver Bars

The company is perhaps best-known for its 100 oz silver bars. Each bar measures approximately 2.5” by 6.5” by 1.25”, or around the size of a smartphone. JM 100 ounce silver bars are designed with the needs of silver investors in mind. They can be stacked and stored efficiently in a small physical space. Johnson Matthey silver bars are favored by large-scale silver investors and banks.


Johnson Matthey silver bars come in different packaging depending upon their size. One-ounce silver bars are sealed inside a flexible yet thick sheet of plastic. Each sheet holds ten bars, and can be cut apart to allow the bars to be stored or sold individually. Large Johnson Matthey silver bars, such as the popular 100 oz silver bar, are packaged individually, and are not sealed in plastic.

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