5 oz Weight Silver Bullion Bars

5 oz silver bars are among the smallest silver bars. However, they are less common than other sizes, such as the 1, 10, or 100 oz bars. Beginning investors typically start by purchasing 1 ounce silver bars, while larger-scale investors purchase 100 ounce bars. Meanwhile, the 5 oz silver bar is often forgotten.


Many different mints produces five ounce silver bars. However, the list is not as expansive as the number of mints making more common sizes. Some of the most popular 5 oz silver bars come from SilverTowne, Johnson Matthey, Sunshine Minting, and Engelhard. Many dealers do not carry 5 ounce silver bars; you will typically find a larger selection online than when buying from a local dealer.

Pricing and Premiums

5 ounce silver bars can be a good investment tool for those who are searching for mid-range bars. They are at a higher price point than a 1 ounce silver bar, yet still significantly less expensive than a 100 ounce bar.

A 5 oz Silver Bar from the SilverTowne Mint

A 5 oz Silver Bar from the SilverTowne Mint

Because 5 oz silver bars are a relative rarity, expect to pay a higher per-ounce premium for them than for other, more common sizes. The premium charged in addition to the spot value of the silver varies significantly depending on the producer of the bar. For this reason, if you are purchasing 5 ounce silver bars it is particularly important to examine your options carefully; it may be possible to save a significant amount of money by choosing one mint or dealer over another.


Most 5 ounce silver bars come in a relatively standard size, approximately 61mm by 35mm, and 7.3mm thick. These dimensions may vary slightly from mint to mint. This size is small enough to fit in a coat pocket; many investors are surprised by how small a 5 ounce silver bar truly is. This makes them easy to stack and store, an important consideration since most investors will purchase multiple quantities of smaller-sized bars like the 5 ounce silver bar.

There are also some special editions of 5oz silver bars, which may have different dimensions. However, these typically carry a premium that is much higher than the price of silver, making them an unsuitable option for investors who are interested in buying silver for its intrinsic value alone.


Some investors add a few 5 oz silver bars to their portfolio for diversification purposes. If most of your wealth is held in 100oz silver bars, 5 oz silver bars can mean added divisibility, or the opportunity to sell off a small portion of your investment rather than a full 100oz silver bar.


Because 5 ounce bars are relatively small, storing them is not difficult. However, it may not be as easy as storing one-ounce silver bars. One ounce bars come in plastic sheets containing 10 to 20 bars. However, 5 ounce bars are more often packaged individually. As such, they are not as easy to store in high quantities. Still, most mints design their 5 ounce bars to be stackable for more efficient storage.

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