100 oz Weight Silver Bullion Bars

100 oz silver bars are among the most commonly-produced silver bars. This is the largest commonly traded form of silver bullion, and a popular investment choice for those looking for a low premium over spot. This size is known for being easy to transport and store, while containing a large amount of wealth in a relatively small space. If you are considering making a sizable investment in silver bullion, the 100 troy ounce bar may be right for you.

Low Premium

Larger silver bars cost less per-ounce to produce, making them among the most efficient ways to invest in silver. Frequently, investors buy the largest-sized silver bars they can afford in order to access the lowest possible premiums.

A 100 oz Silver Bar from the Royal Canadian Mint

A 100 oz Silver Bar from the Royal Canadian Mint

For many investors, this is the 100 ounce bar. As the largest common size of silver bar, 100 oz silver bars carry a low premium over the spot price of silver. Buying a single 100 oz silver bar is considered a bulk purchase, resulting in the lowest available per-ounce price.


100 oz silver bars are extremely liquid, often even more-so than smaller-sized bars. They are always in high demand, making it easy to buy and sell 100 oz bars quickly.

100-ounce silver bars are recognized around the world. Within the precious metal industry, these bars are known as a reliably pure form of bulk silver. For individual investors, 100 oz silver bars serve primarily as a means of storing wealth. This size is also a common choice for IRA investment. They are also utilized by banks and other financial institutions.


Most mints that produce smaller-sized silver bars also produce 100 ounce silver bars. Popular makers of 100-ounce silver bars include Johnson Matthey, Royal Canadian Mint, and Sunshine Minting. Depending on the mint, 100-oz silver bars may be produced in .999 (three nines), .9999 (four nines), or .9995 fine silver.


Each 100-ounce silver bar is typically marked with the purity, weight, and maker’s hallmark. Beyond that, the design of each bar is determined by the mint. Silver bars of this size tend to be .999+ fine silver.


100 ounce silver bars are what most people picture when they think of a silver bar. Still, they are smaller than many investors realize. Each 100 oz silver bar measures approximately 6.5 inches by 2.5 inches by 1.25 inches. The exact dimensions of the bar differ slightly from mint to mint, though the general size of all 100 ounce bars is fairly consistent.


Weighing 100 troy ounces (or nearly 7 pounds), this is a relatively small, compact way to store your wealth. These are the largest size of silver bar that can still be handled easily; the next largest sizes, 500 or 1000 troy ounces, cannot be easily moved or handled. 100 ounce bars are designed to be easily transported, stacked, and stored. This larger size is often preferred by investors making a significant silver investment because it is easier to move and store a single large bar than several dozen smaller bars.

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