10 oz Weight Silver Bullion Bars

10 oz silver bars are among the most commonly-minted size of silver bar. These are considered a popular midrange size, between the smaller 1 ounce bar and the larger 100 ounce bar. Ten ounce silver bars remain investor favorites because they offer many the features of both 1 oz and 100 oz silver bullion bars. Many investors find that 10 oz silver bars are large enough to be a decent-sized investment by themselves, yet small and light enough to be easily transported or stored.


The greatest advantage of these silver bars is that they carry a low per-ounce premium. Ten-ounce silver bars carry a significantly lower premium over spot than smaller sizes, like the one-ounce silver bar, which means your investment dollars will go further.

A 10 oz Silver Bar from NTR Metals

A 10 oz Silver Bar from NTR Metals

Often, investors find that this is the lowest size they can purchase to receive the lower premiums that come with buying in bulk. This cost-effective silver option is often the next step for silver investors who are ready to move up from one-ounce bars, but cannot afford 100-ounce silver bars. As such, they are an excellent option for mid-range silver bar sizes.


As one of the most popular forms of silver bullion, 10 oz silver bars are easily bought, sold, or traded around the world. Because they are a common size, their value is well understood by dealers and investors.

Diversification and Divisibility

Ten ounce silver bars are a common way to diversify a portfolio that mainly includes larger bars, such as the 100 ounce size. This enables investors to sell off a relatively small portion of their investment. The relatively small size of these bars means they could be useful in the event of a currency devaluation; they could more easily be traded for goods or services than 100-ounce bars.


This size is widely traded, making it easy to find ten ounce silver bars. Investment grade bars containing 10 ounces of 99.9% pure silver are made by many mints, including NTR Metals, Sunshine Minting, Johnson Matthey, Royal Canadian Mint, and Engelhard. The premiums vary significantly between different dealers and mints, making it important to shop around to find the lowest silver bar prices.


Each ten ounce silver bar is made of 99.9% silver and measures approximately 46mm by 90mm, and 7.6mm thick. This makes them about the size of a smartphone. With each mint, there may be a slight variation in the exact dimensions, though nearly all 10 oz silver bars are close to these dimensions. They carry the name of the mint, as well as the purity and weight of the bar. Otherwise, the design varies from mint to mint.


Generally, these bars are designed to be flat and easily stacked. 10 oz silver bars are easy to store when compared with smaller sizes; most investors find it easier to store several larger bars than dozens of smaller 1 oz bars. They are highly portable, and easily stored in a relatively small space. Some 10-ounce silver bars come from the mint sealed inside a plastic case to protect them from tarnishing and scratches, while others are sent loose.

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