The Shipping Process for Online Silver Buys

When purchasing silver over the internet, most investors are understandably concerned about the thought of receiving silver bullion through the mail. The prospect of thousands of dollars worth of silver in a single shipment can seem risky, particularly at first. However, reputable silver dealers are experienced at shipping silver bullion around the world. They use high-security shipping methods to protect your purchase while it is in transit. Investors can rest assured that their silver coins or bars will arrive safely.

Shipping Methods

The shipping methods utilized vary from dealer to dealer. Particularly with high-value shipments, choosing a high security shipment method is critical. However, for lower-value shipments, shipping cost may be more of a concern. For this reason, many precious metal dealers use different shipping methods depending on the value of the coins. Silver dealers may use a variety of shipment methods, such as USPS Priority Registered Mail, FedEx, and UPS Ground, to deliver your coins safely.

Shipping Costs

Always factor shipping costs into your total purchase price, whether you are buying silver coins or anything else online. While shipping costs can add a significant amount to the purchase cost, this is rarely the case when buying silver bullion. Percentage-wise, shipping is relatively inexpensive when compared to the total cost of your order. Even high-value silver coins and bars are fairly small in size, making shipping an inexpensive proposition.

Each online dealer sets their own shipping prices. Usually, this is based either on the weight in troy ounces, or the total number of coins ordered, or the total cost of your order. Many online precious metal dealers have begun offering free shipping, particularly with larger purchases. The precious metal industry is competitive, and free shipping is one way online silver dealers attract buyers.

Protecting Your Coins

Regardless of how the coins are being sent or how much you paid for shipping, most precious metal dealers take several precautions to ensure that your coins are not damaged or stolen while in transit. First, packages of silver coins or bars are rarely labeled as such. The outer packaging usually gives no indication of what is inside, or its value. This step is taken to reduce the possibility for theft. As most precious metal investors are well aware, discretion is key to protecting silver collections.

Secondly, most precious metal dealers use a shipping method that requires a signature upon delivery. This ensures that packages reach your hands safely, rather than being left unattended on your doorstep.


Another precaution most precious metal dealers take is using shipping insurance. While rare, it is possible for a shipment to be lost, stolen, or damaged before it reaches you. Insurance provides a full reimbursement of your purchase price. In the rare event that your purchase does not reach you in the condition described, contact the dealer. They will file an insurance claim, providing you with a full replacement or refund, in accordance with the dealer’s policies.

Shipping practices vary considerably between dealers. If you have questions or concerns about the shipping process, ask the dealer for clarification before purchasing your coins or silver bars.

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